At Brilliant Eyes Vision Center, we offer an extensive selection of contact lenses, catering to various needs and preferences. Our inventory includes disposable soft contact lenses, bifocal/multifocal options, toric lenses for astigmatism correction, and a vibrant array of colored lenses. Whether you prefer daily, weekly, or monthly disposables, or you’re interested in conventional (vial) lenses, we’ve got you covered. Our primary aim is to provide you with contact lenses that offer crisp, comfortable vision.

Achieving the Perfect Contact Lens Fit at Brilliant Eyes Vision Center

The journey to an ideal contact lens fit commences with a comprehensive eye examination. This examination ensures that you have the most current prescription and rules out any pre-existing conditions that might hinder your experience with contact lenses.

Tailoring Lenses to Suit Your Lifestyle

Our team of experts will assess your unique lifestyle requirements and the shape and health of your eyes to pinpoint the most suitable lens for you. In many instances, you can try on lenses immediately following your examination, possibly even leaving with a few samples to help you make an informed decision.

Ongoing Adjustments and Care

Following your initial fitting, our dedicated Smyrna team will conduct follow-up appointments as needed, making any required adjustments to the fit or materials to ensure the best possible outcome. We provide thorough guidance on proper contact lens care, emphasizing the potential consequences of neglecting this care. Moreover, we maintain long-term follow-up to monitor the condition of your lenses and to verify that you are maintaining proper hygiene.