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Lasik Eye SurgeryDr. Davison has been helping patients see clearly for years.

At Brilliant Eyes Vision Center, quality care is important at every stage of your vision enhancement experience. That is why we work with the best eye surgeons in Metro Atlanta in providing LASIK services. As your partner in determining if LASIK is right for you, Dr. Davison will be with you every step of the way by providing all of your pre and post-operative care at our Marietta facility. Through our surgical affiliates, patients have access to the best treatment options available. By employing “wave front” technology, our affiliates are able offer a customized LASIK procedure that can provide you with the best vision possible.

Why is LASIK right for you? Custom LASIK improves your chances of reaching 20/20 vision. In addition, patients frequently report improvement in their night vision. Many Custom LASIK patients, including Dr. Davison (2007 procedure) are enjoying vision exceeding their previous vision with glasses or contacts. Read one of our patient’s testimonials below.

Custom Bladeless LASIK 4-2013

“As far back as I can remember I have worn eyeglasses. I can only vaguely remember not wearing them as a child. I have always been athletic so through my high school and college years I changed out to contact lenses but due to the upkeep and maintenance I returned to eyeglasses. Fast forward several years to middle age and I was still in glasses, until one day this year I decided to get rid of them. My reasons were not due to any self conscious identity issues or anything else other than it was time for a change. I am by vocation an engineer so when it came down to forever changing my eyesight the questions that came to my mind were immense. I asked Dr. Davison questions like, how much does it cost, who is the best group to do the procedure, what are any side effects and what should be my driving factor(s) in determining a surgeon? Is it experience, if so what kind? If not what did you consider?...Dr Davison answered all of my questions and I decided to go with TLC. I received a thorough pre-screening and again asked the attending Optometrist, Dr. Bailey, a ton of questions. She answered them all to my satisfaction. I am still amazed that I walked into the facility needing my glasses just to reach the door and walking out without them.

My results have been worth the brief anxiety and just not knowing what to expect. I now have 20/20 vision and have been in constant communication and under the care of Dr. Davison post op. I still can’t believe that I can see without my eyeglasses. It is an amazing change and well worth the investment.”

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