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Dr. Davison and her team have been working to help patients suffering from cataract development to see clearly again for many years. Dr. Davison understands that cataract formation can severely impact daily life activities and visual function. Cataracts development can be congenital, age related, associated with systemic conditions, and associated with long term medication usage or trauma. Cataract formation causes “clouding” of the natural lens, affecting the ability for light to enter the eye and project a clear image on to the retina. Dr. Davison and her team have partnered with some of the best cataract surgeons in the Atlanta Metro area. Through our surgical affiliates, patients have access to the best treatment options available. Dr. Davison and her team aid in the decision process to help you determine which procedure and treatment options are best for you. The team is with you every step of the way; all of the post-care is done at Brilliant Eyes Vision Center. If you believe you may be suffering from cataract development call our office to schedule a cataract evaluation and consultation.

Patient Testimonial 2013-11-15

"I want to thank Dr. Janelle Davison and her friendly staff at the Brilliant Eye Vision Center at the Powder Springs location for the excellent care and attentive treatment I have received over the past 3 plus years since my move to Marietta, Ga. I have had 2 cataracts removed and follow up treatment at her office was superb. And I can see again!!!

The appointments are prompt, the service from all are business-like and professional. My husband and I are both delighted in Dr. Davison's ability to care for us as she has in the past. Thank you very much."

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